2000’s Movies That All Gamblers Must Watch

  1. Ocean’s Eleven (1960, 2001)
    Remake of the classic and box office hit “Frankie and his spies” from 1960 broke all records worldwide – around 450 million US dollars went to the box office and everyone wanted to see Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his eleven talented partners in casino action. The goal: to ease three casinos in Las Vegas by $ 150 million in just 24 hours! And, all casinos are owned by the same person – Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who put Danny Ocean behind bars. Absolute box office hit and great basis for exciting sequels, such as Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s 13 and Ocean’s 8.
  2. Casino Royale (2006)
    As a remake of the film of the same name from 1967, “Casino Royale” is one of the most popular casino films and the most iconic game scene of all time is the last Texas Hold’em poker game. The most famous spy in the world Daniel Craig plays with the biggest bad guys for $ 100 million and wins – with a coveted straight flush! Simply brilliant in a charming and irresistible bond style.

3.21 (2008)
“21” is a gambling film with drama elements about six students who join a small group of gifted people who are trained to use their card counting skills and earn hundreds of dollars in casinos, of course in Vegas. Along the way, greed and power come into play and the students end up in a situation in which everything they have learned and earned is put at risk.

So, stubborn poker players and gambling fans, this is the end of our exciting story about films for gamers. So, watch iconic movies about casino today, visit the best and reputable casinos and spin the roles of the most popular slot machines. Have fun!